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Hairstyles In 2009

While everyone is looking out for the hair cuts and styles, even colors, which are most likely to be a hit in the coming year i.e. 2009, there are a handful of people who are concerned about the hairstyle trends. Hairstyle plays a very important role in the personality of an individual, making or marring his overall look. Thus, it is very important for you to pick a hairstyle that is popular and suits your face as well. Let us check out the hairstyles that will be a hit in 2009.

Hairstyle Trends in 2009

Cropped Bob

If you are not ready to handle all the fuss that comes with long hair, then a cropped bob is one of the options that are going to be a hit in 2009. As it is, bob in itself means a pretty short haircut. If it is cropped also, you can imagine how extreme will it be. Cropped bob is short from all sides and usually, paired with heavily shortened blunt cut fringe. If you want to make it even more noticeable, then it is better to team it with peroxide blonde hair.


It seems as if bangs are here to stay, in 2009 as well. They were amongst the must-have additions for almost all the haircuts in 2008 and this year seems to be no exception. The best part about bangs is that they look extremely stylish, are excellent for those who have a high forehead and can even help you hide those unwanted lines. You can go for side-swept bangs for a flirty look, wispy bangs for a natural look and angled bangs for a modern city look


Fringes are all set to make a comeback in 2009. For all those who have thought that the season of fringes has gone, it is the time to reconsider their options. The fringes for the coming year will be much more innovative, especially in the form of being teamed up with prominent layers. This look will work best with those who have fine hair and not too rounded faces. However, make sure that you look good all the time, since this cut dominates the face.

Mid-length Hair

If you have always wanted to have mid-length hair, then 2009 is just the year to fulfill your wish. Yes, mid-length hair has made a comeback in this year. However, this year's version will comprise of subtle layering around the face, without even a single layer in the main body. The 'easy-to-style' look will work best for those who have shiny, textured hair. The best part is that this hairstyle suits any and every facial shape.


Want to keep you hair long this year? Then, layers are what will be your best bet for 2009. Go for razored layers and if possible, use a flat iron to create a few 'jagged' edges. Whether you want to wear your hair up or down, create a tousled look or just sculpt it back, layers will go well with all the looks. Being versatile, layers go with wavy hair as well as straight hair, heart-shaped as well as round face. In others words, they will be perfect for you this season.

Pixie Crop

Pixie crop is nothing but a natural progression from the bob hair cut. The hairstyle made its debut in 2008 and is expected to make heads turn in 2009 as well. It is even more attention grabbing than the cropped bob and promises to offer you a very young and funky look. However, if you are planning to go for this haircut, remember that it will involve a lot of styling. Otherwise, you might end up looking older than you are.

Digital night photography equipment needed:

* Digital camera that you can turn the flash off.
* A digital camera with a self timer.
* Something to balance your digital camera on (or a tripod).

Night photography

Night photography is great. And the results can be outstanding. So why are digital photographers often disappointed?

Be disappointed no longer! Follow the tips here, get some practice in, and start producing some night time city photography to be proud of!

The tips here will require some equipment. None of it is that special, or that expensive though.

And you probably already own the most important piece of equipment - a camera.

If you haven't already done so, have a look at the night photography equipment above.

Night Photography techniques - the set up

When taking night time photos of cities, there are a couple of planning tips you will need to bear in mind before you take any photos:

First, you need a good viewpoint;

And second, you need either a tripod or a solid base to place your camera on.

The viewpoint - this depends a little on the type of shot you are after. My preference is for somewhere that is above the ground (a set of steps, for example), but not always. Sometimes the best shots can be had at ground level.

You need a tripod or solid base because your camera's shutter will be open for several seconds, and you need to make sure the camera doesn't move during those seconds.

Then, if you have a tripod, secure your camera upon it. If you don't, find a solid surface to rest your camera on; propping it up with something like a bag or jumper.

Once your camera is in place, make sure your shutter speed is set to a good few seconds. Start with about 15 seconds.

If you can't control your camera's shutter speed, set it to "night" mode.

Night photography - taking the photo

Once you are set up (camera on a solid surface, self timer primed), you are ready to shoot.

First, check your scene. Is everything in it that you wanted to be in it? If you are aiming to get streaking car headlights, is there any traffic around?

Once you are happy with things, press the shutter button.

Your self timer will count down. Special Note! - If you are waiting for something to appear in your scene, you will need to remember that your shutter speed will have to count down first - time for this.

When the shutter clicks, wait. And wait, and wait . . . until it closes again. Remember that this will be a few seconds.

Then wait some more. Because of the long exposure digital cameras take longer than usual to process the photo, so your preview on your camera's LCD screen may take a while to show up.

Night photography - what makes a good shot?

This is just my opinion, but here are a couple of things that I think make a good night photography shot:
* Neon lights.
* Streaks of car headlights and tail lights.
* Available light.

For both of these you need to plan a little in advance. Find an area where you can safely photograph neon lights.

Find your solid spot (or put your camera onto a tripod), and then take a few shots. Because neon lights flash you will need the shutter to be open for some time in order to catch all the flashes.

And for streaks of car headlights and tail lights - find a spot with a lot of traffic.

Try to get something in the background too - streaks of light on their own can be a little boring!

Then take your shot.

The longer the shutter is open, the more streaks you will capture. And of course, the more traffic there is, the more streaks will appear too!

The available light also has a part to play in making a good night photography shot.

Sometimes a scene looks its best when set amongst inky-black skies. Sometimes, a little light works best, so shots just before dark really sets in are worth a try too.

Try both, and see what captures the effect you are after best.

Night photography - final tip

The final tip is very simply this - practice!

You will find that sometimes a 10 second exposure gets the look you are after. Sometimes you may need up to a minute.

Practice, and you will soon get a feel for what you will need for any given situation.

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