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OrderArtwork.com picture editing "Miscellaneous Photo Edits" or "Miscellaneous Image Editing" to make a change that is not otherwise listed. These might include changing angle of face, removing or adding shadows, converting an image to black & white, removing unwanted reflections (or camera "lens flare") or opening a person's eyes. Most defects in an image can be repaired by OrderArtwork.com.

One of OrderArtwork.com's clients inquire if OrderArtwork.com can do the following: change clothes into a two piece bathing suit, remove clothes and just covered by flimsy red cloth, remove cloth and lie down in bed of flowers or grass?

One other of OrderArtwork.com's clients needs the angle of his face changed so the person is looking at the camera


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Understanding Contrast Masking

A digital file is much like a film positive (transparency) in that the worst sin is to blow out the highlights. In fact it's even worse with digital than with film. Highlights on film tend to trail off gradually on the shoulder of the curve, while with digital it's more like hitting a brick wall. Overexpose - expose too far to the right of the histogram - and you end up with nothing, nada - empty white pixels with no data whatsoever.

So the strategy for digital photographers is to expose as far to the right side of the histogram as possible.

Given that digital cameras have a dynamic range of 5-7 stops (about the same or slightly greater than transparency film), one often finds that the shadow areas of a frame are rendered darker than one would wish. What to do?

Photographers Have Been Using Contrast Masks for Almost 100 Years

The solution is to use what is called a contrast mask. This is now done digitally, but it is nothing new. It's been around since the early years of the 20th Century. This used to involve the production of a B&W negative copy of the original which was then placed in superimposition with the positive while a print was made. This caused a flattening of the contrast as shadows received extra exposure while highlights were held back.

Here's how we do it today in Photoshop.

In Figure 1 above we see a frame taken just after dawn at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park. It was exposed so that the sky wouldn't burn out, but which caused the dimly lit foreground to become quite dark. To the unaided eye the scene didn't appear this dark, and so it's desirable to try and reproduce what they eye wants to see, rather than what the camera actually recorded.

Here are the simple steps needed to create a contrast mask, and open up the shadow areas of this image.
1. Create a Duplicate Layer ( Layer / Duplicate Layer) and name it Mask
2. Desaturate the Mask Layer. (Image / Adjustments / Desaturate)
3. Invert the Mask layer (Image / Adjustments / Invert)
4. Click on the Mask layer thumbnail and select Overlay then Blending Mode
5. Enlarge the image to 100% and look at the horizon line or other high contrast area. This is important for the next step.
6. Use Gaussian Blur to reduce resolution degradation of the image by the mask, yet at the same time avoid halos on sharp contrast boundaries such as skylines. (Filter / Blur / Gaussian Blur). Low amounts are usually best.
7. Adjust Opacity as desired. (Click on the Mask Layer thumbnail and use the Opacity slider).

Figure 2 shows the intermediate result after executing steps 1 - 7 above. The shadows have been opened up while the bright areas have not been compromised.

The next steps are to "season to taste" using the usual tools, such as Levels and Curves. Figure 3 below shows what the frame looks like after a few quick adjustments. A larger version can be seen by clicking on it.

Photo Editing is an Art

In earlier times, you took your snapshots with your trusty old Brownie, removed the film cartridge and dropped it off at the drug store for developing. After about a week, you picked up your prints. What you got was exactly what the film was exposed to. No cropping, no sharpening, brightness or contrast adjustments were available unless you had your own film processing and print studio.

With the onset of digital photography, it has become possible for everyone to learn and perform successful photo editing. There exists a plethora of digital photography software that allow differing levels of image manipulation. With a decent digital camera, a computer with a quality printer, and one of the many versions of photo editing software, you can produce stunning photographs. You can crop for closer views of your intended subject, darken or lighten the exposure, adjust the contrast, sharpen the image, change it to black and white, sepia, or grayscale.

Add a good scanner and you have the ability to edit your old standard photographs. That old faded photo of you as a child can be brought back to life with a few clicks of your mouse. With the right software, you can place objects from one photograph into another. Create a montage of any person containing their pictures from birth to present. That beautiful old Ford you took a picture of at the cruise-in brings back fond memories?

Just insert yourself into the photo standing proudly beside the car of your dreams. Photo editing not only provides you with beautiful keepsakes of the people and places in your life; it can provide you with hours of fun and entertainment. Children giggle and squeal with delight to find themselves placed into unknown and exciting places.

One of the most recognized and utilized programs for photo editing is Adobe's Photoshop. From this software the term "shopped" was phrased. People who work with and view photography use the term to refer to photographs which appear to have been manipulated to show something that was not in the original photograph, to remove something which was, or when the appearance of a person or object in the photo seems to have been altered. For example, you find a picture of a group of famous (or infamous) people, then you replace the face of one of them with your own for laughs, you have "shopped" the photo. Other programs are Corel Paint Shop Pro, and Serif Photo Plus, to name but a few.

There are basic photo editing programs available that allow you to do basic adjustments and learn basic photo manipulation. Some of these programs can be found for free such as Gimp for Windows, Serif's Photo Plus, Paint.NET, Image Forge, Pixia, Ultimate Paint, and several others.

Which ever direction you take in choosing a photo editing program, be prepared to become totally hooked on working with digital photography. As you discover the many tricks and tweaks possible with photo editing, don't be surprised to find yourself immersed for hours at a time tweaking and manipulating your photographs.

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