Remove Person From Photograph, Add Person to Photo

Have you ever worked with a photograph where you think that it would just be perfect if a certain person was not in the scene? Many a times, In order to create a perfect picture, we need to remove unwanted Persons from image. For an amateur photographer, it may be a difficult, time consuming or even impossible without appropriate skill. will erase that person from the photograph for you so that your images are how you wanted them to be.

One of's customers wants us to move two persons from the photo and another's customer wants us to replace person on one photo by a person from the other photo. Please see the samples below.

Digital Image Basics

When using digital equipment to capture, store, modify and view photographic images, they must first be converted to a set of numbers in a process called digitization or scanning. Computers are very good at storing and manipulating numbers, so once your image has been digitized you can use your computer to archive, examine, alter, display, transmit, or print your photographs in an incredible variety of ways.

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Pixels and Bitmaps

Digital images are composed of pixels (short for picture elements). Each pixel represents the color (or gray level for black and white photos) at a single point in the image, so a pixel is like a tiny dot of a particular color. By measuring the color of an image at a large number of points, we can create a digital approximation of the image from which a copy of the original can be reconstructed. Pixels are a little like grain particles in a conventional photographic image, but arranged in a regular pattern of rows and columns and store information somewhat differently. A digital image is a rectangular array of pixels sometimes called a bitmap.

Types of Digital Images

For photographic purposes, there are two important types of digital images - color and black and white. Color images are made up of colored pixels while black and white images are made of pixels in different shades of gray.

Black and White Images

A black and white image is made up of pixels each of which holds a single number corresponding to the gray level of the image at a particular location. These gray levels span the full range from black to white in a series of very fine steps, normally 256 different grays. Since the eye can barely distinguish about 200 different gray levels, this is enough to give the illusion of a stepless tonal scale. Assuming 256 gray levels, each black and white pixel can be stored in a single byte (8 bits) of memory.

Color Images

A color image is made up of pixels each of which holds three numbers corresponding to the red, green, and blue levels of the image at a particular location. Red, green, and blue (sometimes referred to as RGB) are the primary colors for mixing light - these so-called additive primary colors are different from the subtractive primary colors used for mixing paints (cyan, magenta, and yellow). Any color can be created by mixing the correct amounts of red, green, and blue light. Assuming 256 levels for each primary, each color pixel can be stored in three bytes (24 bits) of memory. This corresponds to roughly 16.7 million different possible colors.

Note that for images of the same size, a black and white version will use three times less memory than a color version.

Binary or Bilevel Images

Binary images use only a single bit to represent each pixel. Since a bit can only exist in two states - on or off, every pixel in a binary image must be one of two colors, usually black or white. This inability to represent intermediate shades of gray is what limits their usefulness in dealing with photographic images.

Indexed Color Images

Some color images are created using a limited palette of colors, typically 256 different colors. These images are referred to as indexed color images because the data for each pixel consists of a palette index indicating which of the colors in the palette applies to that pixel. There are several problems with using indexed color to represent photographic images. First, if the image contains more different colors than are in the palette, techniques such as dithering must be applied to represent the missing colors and this degrades the image. Second, combining two indexed color images that use different palettes or even retouching part of a single indexed color image creates problems because of the limited number of available colors.

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