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Why are's prices so low but with museum quality?

We specialize in providing museum quality hand painted oil paintings but with lowest cost. That's because we are one of largest studios in China, which has over 100 artists in our painting studios and a network of over hundreds of the first class of artists. You buy the art directly from us. No any middle people. Our Prices of paintings from photos are the most competitive in the world. If you find better prices elsewhere, please let us know and we will look it carefully to make sure the rate of our price to quality competitive in the world. However, you should know there are much more effort, time and skill to involve to higher quality oil paintings. Though's goal is to make portrait from photo affordable for as many customers as we can, has not provided poor or low quality oil paintings anymore.

Are all paintings 100% Hand painted by talented artists?

All paintings are 100% Hand painted by our talented and professional artists. We only sell original handmade oil paintings, textured on canvas. We do not sell any prints or computer made paintings. The Perfect Customized portraits that you'll be proud to hang on your wall.

What sizes of painting are you offer?

Our general sizes are 8*10inch,16*20inch,'20*24inch,24*36inch,36*48inch,30*40inch,48*72inch. However, customers can require any other sizes.

How long does it take to get my purchase?

Usually, It will take 15 days to paint your painting. 4-5 business days to deliver it.

How can I pay for my order?

You have the following choices:

Is ordering with credit card is secure at your site?

Paying with your credit card is absolutely safe and secure.

Is it safe to purchase on your web site?

Absolutely! Your credit card transaction is 100% safe and secure. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Papal. We also accept Western Union, t/t and so on.

Weight of canvas?



















What delivery methods do you use?

We employ services of such transportation companies, as DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, EMS the indubitable leaders in transportation market with immaculate reputation.

How and how much does we delivery your paintings?

We offer worldwide deliveries. The shipping & packaging fee for delivering 12"x16" painting is only USD29 for each order (including package tube), Shipped by FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, please allow 4-5 business days to ship to you. We have wholesale prices with international shipping companies for our long term large shipping orders. we have much lower shipping prices than current market shipping prices. However, You have to understand: the more we will pay delivering, the larger sizes of your paintings are though we basically do not earn from you for delivering. After we mail your package, we will email you tracking number and you can check the status of your package from Internet.

What if my purchase arrives in damaged state?

The chance that your purchase will arrive damaged is very low, as we use special packing materials for safe and careful transportation to ensure secure delivery and prevent possible damages. In case when your purchase does arrive damaged through our fault, we shall exchange your purchase or shall refund its cost. All artworks are send insured, and a transportation company will repair damages, if they occur. Please, contact us to get the details.

What is your Return Policy?

We have a 30- Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your art you are welcome to return it for a full refund of the purchase price (refund does not include shipping, if applicable).

Why do you sell the paintings unframed?

We let the customer choose the frame to match their decoration. Most of the time, the painting can be framed at local frame shop for a lower price than buying paintings that are framed since. The flexibility is yours. We can provide the paintings framed too. But there will be extra shipping and handling charge.

Can I get a discount, if I order several articles?

We do offer 5% discount, provided that you are already our regular customer.

Can I get a commission, if I refer a new custom to purchase our articles?

If any customer names our previous customer's email or name, we give you 5% of his purchase as commission.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order, but only before we have sent your purchase. If you want to cancel your order, but a painting has been already sent, you may return it within 5 days, paying transportation and operational expenses.

Will their be any import duty or taxes on my painting?

The Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (2000) declares that there is NO import duty on:

1) "Paintings, drawings, and pastels, executed entirely by hand ... framed or not framed" (Heading 9701 & Subheading 9701.10.00);

2) "Original engravings, prints and lithographs, framed or not framed" (Subheading 9702.00.00); & "Original sculptures and statuary, in any material" (Subheading 9703.00.00).

In most countries, hand-painted oil on canvas are duty free. Please contact the Customs Service in your country directly as policies may vary.

Can you create an artwork on commission portrait or painting?

Of course, we can. Professional artists can create any portrait, copy or any other artwork, including sculptures at your request. Kindly visit our portrait gallery

Welcome to the world of superb reproduction oil paintings. Each of our paintings is an original, painted individually by our artists using brushes, oil paints and canvas. You will see no prints, no lacquered prints on canvas pretending to be paintings, only original oil paintings of the highest quality.

We guarantee our work is the best reproduction available at a great price. Not to be compared with cheap low quality work that so often disappoints. Our work is carefully created and independently inspected before delivery to make sure you will be delighted with your painting for whatever application you choose for display or as a unique gift.

Can you combine images from more than one photograph into a single painting?

We can not only paint you any photo but also can change any
existing painting or photograph as per your instructions.
We can add your photo into a painting, we can paint your photo into any style,
we can change a painting to fit your colors and more and more.
Please not asking "if we can" do something - because the answer will always be "yes".

Do you artists sign my paintings?

It is up to you.

How you pack my painting ?

To make sure that the products are well protected in the way of shipping,
we offer different safe ways of package which are based on different kinds of products.

1) Rolled in plastic tubes.
Solid professional plastic tubes which are specially designed for
shipping oil paintings. We have three kinds of plastic tubes:
thin, thick and overstricking. The length of the tubes can be adjusted
to cater for different sizes of paintings. Paintings will be firstly
packed with a thin plastic layer between each other professionally,
and then rolled in the tubes. Such kind of package is recommended for
shipping 5-30 paintings without frames.

2) Package for big bundles of paintings
If you order for more than 30 unframed paintings, we would package them
in the following way: paintings will be firstly packed with a thin plastic layer
between each other professionally, then all rolled firmly in plastic cloth,
finally rolled and bound with canvas.

3) Packaged in hard paper boxes
Such kind of package way is specially designed for the
mounted and framed oil paintings. If you only want to order few paintings,
we don't really recommend you to frame your paintings,
as it might cause expensive shipping fee and might damage your paintings.
However, those paintings with sizes below 20x24 are safe to be
shipped with frames on.

Note: According to the regulations of Shipping Services Company,
the shipping fee will be counted based on the bulk of the painting
if the paintings actual weight is less than its bulk weight which is
calculated in the following way:
Bulk Weight(kg) = Length (cm) x Width (cm)x Height (cm) /6000

4) Packaged in wooden boxes
This package way is recommended for framed paintings with big sizes,
sculptures, and other artworks.

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An oil portrait painting of your loved one or pet painted from photograph by artist is a special gift for birthday, Christmas, wedding, anniversary and special occasions.

Imagine!Now you can have a Magnificent true-to-life oil portrait painting of you or someone dear to you created just for you - at a fraction of price done by creative and well trained artist. It will become a family heirloom - handed down from generation to generation.

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In the beginning of 2008, began to explore new opportunities, startuped an art digital studio to provide professional digital image process services to the world. offers Commercial photo editing, photo retouching, photo restoration and photo manipulation services for businesses and organizations. has a dream to become the largest and most efficient studio or manufactory to provide professional digital image process services to the global world by an affordable prices. will provide very competitive wholesale prices to its partners.

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